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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
Why Venice Lace Is Hot!

Why Venice Lace Is Hot!

Venise Lace Trim is one of the most popular lace trims that is widely used around the worldfor embellishing wedding gowns, bridal veils, princess dresses for girls, dresses for special occasions, and costumes for theaters and dance performances. Apart from this, it is also perfect for drapes, curtains, table runner edges, tutus, jeans, art & crafts, and various other clothing and decorative items.If you are wondering what makes Venise lace trims more desirable,here is the answer to your question.


Introduction to Venise Lace Trims

Also spelled by users as Venice Lace Trims, these trims are essentially fine Venetian needle lace that feature scrolling floral, geometric or other patterns with a work of additional motifs in relief. In French, Venise Lace Trim is termed as Point de Venise.


Venise lace trims are typically divided into two categories:

  • Venetian Raised Lace (known by the French term “gros point de Venise”)
  • Venetian Flat Lace (known by the French term “point plat de Venise”)


As the name suggests, Venetian Raised Lace is characterized by a raised pattern created by thecordonette worked over with buttonholing to achieve the curves that look similar in quality to a relief carving.


The term Venise lace is more popular in the United States. On the other hand, in the European Market, this lace trim is commonly called guipure lace. The term guipure lace is French which means a lace without any ground material.


What Makes Venise Lace Trims Unique and More Desirable?

Unlike many other lace trims, Venise lace trims are firm, heavy laces typically with an open background. The close stitches that lead to raised floral design impart exclusivity and elegance to these laces. Since embroidery and buttonhole stitches are created using dissolvable background material, the lace has mesmerizing motifs that stand alone with enhanced charm.


Due to their unique and alluring look, these lace trims have left the Flemish lace behind in popularity decades ago and become highly desirable in modern European fashion.


Instead of being woven on a net or mesh background like Chantilly lace, Venise laces are woven using silk threads connecting the motifs through openwork. Therefore, despite having a raised and heavy motif design, these lace trims look airy, weightless, and luxurious.


Plus, they enhance the appeal of any dress without hiding the original color of the fabric and hence, add a pop of color when used on a fabric with a contrasting color. On the contrary, when you use white Venise lace trims for white dresses like that of brides, these laces blend seamlessly while adding the fascination.


While the most common colors of Venise lace trims are whiteand ivory, you can find them in various hues, including black, purple, baby pink, maroon, yellow, blue, and more at Amore Lace and Fabrics. Similarly, the variety in designs and patterns is also endless just like one’s imagination.


If you are looking for Venise lace trims for your bridal dress, art & craft project, or anything creative, check out our huge collection of Venise lace trims now.





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