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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
Must-Have Sewing Supplies for Your Every Kind of Sewing Projects

Must-Have Sewing Supplies for Your Every Kind of Sewing Projects

Sewing is a passion! It maynot just give the most alluring clothes to wear, but it  doesgiveplenty of self-satisfaction. Remember the day you realized you can sew ? You can count this day among one of the few most satisfying days of your life. Sewing gives you a sense of value addition to your personality.

So, today we have compiled the list of some must-have sewing supplies (assuming that you already have a sewing machine). Whether you’re someone in your teens who sew in their pass time, a homemaker, or a fashion designer, these are thing you should always have in order to take your sewing projects to another level:

Measuring tape

Accurate measurement is like the sole forthe perfect outcome of sewing.  So, it is crucial to take exact measurements while working on garments as well as small sewing projects. Here the measuring tape comes into play. It is a flexible ruler used for taking the body and other measurements. They are so inexpensive so they don’t disturb your budget. You should always have a measuring tape in your sewing tool organizer.

A nice pair of scissors

To do your sewing tasks efficiently, you’ll need are high-end pair of scissors. Make sure to keep this one dedicated to sewing tasks only. These must be kept separately as they can become dull and blunt quickly if used for cutting paper or anything else.

Straight pins

Straight pins allow you to pin your projects before the actual stitching. They can also be used to attach patterns to the fabric. They help insewing very complex projects. You can use them with woven fabrics and for sewing with knits.

Fabric marking chalk or pen

No matter what you are sewing, you’ll need to mark on the fabrics to identify where the darts or other features will be placed. There are a few other options as well which can be used depending upon the type of your sewing project. There are water-soluble markers that are used to mark buttons and buttonholes. However, chalk is the most common and cost-effective way to mark the fabric.

Tracing wheel

If you are using tracing paper, then you’ll need a tracing wheel to mark the pattern on the fabric. It helps to ensure accuracy and makes sewing manageable.


Without threads, you cannot sew anything. There are many types of threads available in the market. The most common ones are silk, polyester, and cotton. You can choose the right kind of thread according to your project’s demand.

Venise lace

Apart from the above essential supply, there arelace trims that can drastically uplift the appearance of your current sewing project. Venise lace is perfect for summer and spring. It is a hand-woven beautiful piece of lace. You can add the Venise lace to blowing blouses, summer skirts, or anything you want.

Bottom line

Having the above set of sewing supplies will make you feel confident about starting the sewing and enjoy it. Feel free to buy the best wholesale lace trim & sewing supplies online from a trusted dealer and connect with experts to learn more.

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