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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
Wedding Dress

Tips to Sew a Fabulous Wedding Dress

What do you do after you find the love of your life? Of course, you tie the knot to make a life-long commitment. Wedding day is the most special day for every bride and that’s why they want a unique and gorgeous dress for this day. Have you ever wondered about sewing your own wedding dress?

Whether you have experience of years in sewing or are just a novice who stitched just one or two dresses before, you can sew your dream wedding dress. It will be a great experience as you will learn so many things throughout the process. In addition, you'll get a customized outfit that fits you like a dream and has all the detailing you've always wanted.

If you have made up your mind to sew your wedding dress but don’t know where to begin, this blog is for you. We have compiled a list of top sewing tips from those who made their fabulous wedding dress.


Give yourself plenty of time

Experts say that when they make a wedding dress, they ensure to have adequate time on their side. When you have a couple of months for your wedding day, you can choose the right design and material. You can also work on your sewing skills if you are a beginner. Sewing a wedding dress is a way more complex and time taking process than sewing trousers. It is also stressful and overwhelming as you will be wearing this dress on your special day. Having time ensures that you won’t be fixing the hem on your wedding day.


Make it the way you want

One of the best advantages of making your wedding dress is that you can make it entirely unique. You can browse as many dresses as you want and come up with the most perfect one. You can keep the neckline as you prefer, modify the pattern, and choose the most suitable bridal lace applique. You can even create a dress with certain colors such as peach and golden that give an appealing or luxurious look. This can make your wedding day memorable for decades. 


Make sure to practice

We have all been told that practice makes a man perfect. And it is absolutely true. The fit of your wedding dress is so crucial. So, the best way to achieve the perfect fit is using the toile to start. It is an initial version of a garment that is made from cheap fabric so that you can check and alter the pattern.


Don’t be scared 

Thinking about making your own wedding dress can be frightening at first but you need to know that it is just a dress. You may find the process difficult initially but once you break it down, all the components will become extremely straightforward. You can even achieve a complex look by using a simple process. If you find yourself struggling with any technique, no need to panic as there is so much guidance available online.


Keep it simple and fun

Sewing a wedding dress always comes with challenges, but remember to keep it simple and fun. Including bridal lace appliques, Venise floral lace, and other embellishments in your design can make a huge difference while keeping the process simple. You can buy these appliqués from the best online lace and fabric store at an affordable price.

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