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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
Cluny Lace Trims

Easy Ways to Make Your Crop Tops Look Stylish Using Cluny Lace Trims

Most of us have a large collection of crop tops in our wardrobes as crop tops are in fashion for several years. Every time we go shopping, we tend to pick at least one crop top. As a result, we don’t feel like wearing crop tops as they have got too common and boring. Did you know you can make your crop tops look more fashionable and interesting with Cluny lace trims?

Cluny lace trims are designed using thick cotton or linen yarns. They are heavy bobbin lace trims and come in striking patterns and varying widths. They act as the perfect embellishment piece for apparel, table cloths, curtains, doilies, bed skirts, and more.


In this post, you will learn how to make your crop tops look more stylish and modish by using Cluny lace trims.

1. Attach Cluny lace at the edging

If you don’t want to get involved a lot, the easiest way to elevate the look of your crop top is to sew or attach the Cluny lace trim at the bottom edge of your crop top. It will make your crop top look simple yet elegant. Besides, if you are a shy person, you will feel comfortable wearing your crop top after this modification as well.

2. Add Cluny lace along the neckline

Another way to make your crop top look more attractive is to add the Cluny lace trim along the neckline. Just be careful while attaching Cluny lace at this part of your top because it is a bit tricky due to the round shape of the neck. When sewn without paying close attention, the lace might get collected and look pleated irregularly in some places.

3. Add Cluny lace horizontally in parallel lines

If you are looking to have a bit more fun, you can take your crop top designing experiment to the next level by adding Cluny lace trim in multiple horizontal parallel lines. Apart from uplifting the appearance of your crop top, you can also use this idea if your crop top has a stain that you can’t get rid of or it has a hole or two due to some sharp object. It’s a great way to hide any imperfection in your crop top.

4. Layer Cluny lace trims at the bottom

While this idea is a great option to make your crop top look mesmerizing, it is also the perfect method for those who want to increase the length of their crop top a bit. You can add as many layers of broad-width Cluny lace trim as you want to depending on the desired length of the crop top. In this case, you need to sew only the top side of the lace to the bottom edge of your top while leaving the other side of the lace free.

To extend the length a bit more, you can again attach the lace. This time, you will sew the top side of the lace that you are using as a second layer to the bottom side of the above lace already attached to the top and leave the bottom side of the second layer free.

Are you wondering where you can find perfect Cluny lace trims for your crop tops? Check out our website to enjoy great deals and explore our collection of Venise and Cluny lace trims.

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