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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
The Factors to Consider While Shopping Fabrics for Dance Costumes

The Factors to Consider While Shopping Fabrics for Dance Costumes

Designing a dance costume requires you to have a concept for the dance costume selected and illustrated before you start shopping for the fabric. While the process of costume designing has its challenges, choosing a suitable fabric is a whole different task. You must be aware that spandex is a non-negotiable part of your dance costume, as it provides the dancer with ease of movement while performing.

Now, let’s discuss the fabrics for theater and dance costumes. The fabric you choose for the dance costume depends significantly on the costume design and the kind of look you want the dance costume to have. Do you want it to have an edgy and futuristic vibe, or do you want it to look elegant and lightweight? There must be many questions in your mind like this, so let’s discuss the various factors that you should consider while shopping for fabrics for theater and dance costumes.

Various factors of fabric shopping for dance costumes

The Type of Fabric

The type of fabric you choose for the dance costume makes all the difference to the final look. The fabrics generally opted for dance and theater costumes include chiffon, mesh, velvet, sequin, satin, lace, etc. Each fabric has its properties that give the dance costume its vibe. For instance, the mesh fabric is used for lightweight skirts, billowy tops, and sheer insets. It gives the dance costume a romantic and elegant look. Its sheer, lightweight, and flowy texture work for almost anything. The types of mesh used in dance costumes are micro mesh, fog, tulle, pop, and big hole mesh. You can use any of them to give the costume desired texture and style.

The Longevity of The Garment

Here longevity includes a few aspects of the use of costume, like how long you are going to use the dance costume, or if you plan to change the dance costume after a few events. If you plan to wear your costume for more than a year, you should choose durable fabrics. For instance, fabrics like lace and mesh look elegant but can easily develop holes in the areas like the knees and underarms.

Costume Care 

It includes the various ways you adopt to wash the dance costume, care for it, and store it. Some fabrics are easier to maintain than others. It also depends on the color you choose for the dance costume. For instance, white is a popular choice, because of its crisp and pure look, but it can get dingy over time with regular wear. White is also susceptible to color bleeding, which makes it difficult to maintain for a long time.

The fit and stretch of the fabric

Stretch is an essential aspect of dance and theater costumes. The performer needs the dance costume to have enough stretch to enable them to make swift movements freely. So, select a 4-way stretch fabric that can move easily in all four directions, including up, down, left, and right without forming holes or tearing up.


While some fabrics might look attractive, there is no certainty that they will fulfill the requirements of a dance costume. The fabric you choose for the dance costume is significant for the dance costume and the performance. The factors discussed in this article will help you make the right decision.


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