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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
Making Christening Dress at Home

Making Christening Dress at Home

Making Christening Dress at Home

A Christening or Baptism is your child's introduction to her Christian Community. We'd want to make sure they'll be wearing something that is appropriate yet comfortable and elegant looking. The good news is, it doesn't have to cost a lot. In fact, you can create one for your little darling at home. 

What you'll need:

 Measuring Tape
Christening gown pattern
Sewing Machine
Notions – Thread, needles, buttons
Lace (optional)
Appliqués (optional)
Pearls or beads (optional)

How to do it: 

Step 1: 

You must have a gown pattern ready and take note of the important parts to measure: your baby's chest, shoulder width, and length. 
If you do not have a pattern yet, you can make one for yourself. Take apart a baby's dress carefully, iron the pieces, and then trace each piece – front, back, and sleeves – onto the newsprint, adding at least half an inch all around. Hold the edges down with a ruler and trace them around the edges of each piece. If your Christening gown is going to belong, add the length to the pattern piece at this time. Cut out the pieces of either type of pattern and iron them.

Step 2: 

Cotton, silk, lace, or velvet. Select the fabric you'd like to use. Take into consideration the expected weather during the big day and the comfort it can offer since the baby will be wearing it for several hours. You can even make the Christening gown out of your wedding dress. It creates a nostalgic effect and a lovely sense of continuity. 

Step 3:

Pin the fabric to the pattern. Make sure that it is parallel to the selvages and cut the dress out. If you'd like to use this dress more than once and want to ensure that it will fit future children, cut extra width at the shoulders.

Step 4:

Start sewing according to pattern directions. If you created your own pattern, sew several rows of gathering at the shoulders and pull the threads so that the fabric is the proper width for the baby's shoulders. If you are expecting a need to adjust it later on, you can undo the shoulder seams, widen the gathers to a larger or smaller size, and re-sew it.

Step 5: 

Add embellishments. Laces, flowers, or even beads and pearls work well with these types of dresses. Just make sure that you don't put them where your kid can reach because baby's try to put in their mouth anything that is within reach. Put them in a pattern along the bottom hem of the gown for an excellent finish while prioritizing the baby's safety. 
And there you have it, your baby's lovely Christening dress for their first sacrament made with all the love and care. 
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