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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
How to Choose and Buy Lace Trims for Your Bridal Veil

How to Choose and Buy Lace Trims for Your Bridal Veil

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day, and her bridal dress plays a major part in making her look just the way she wants. When, as a bride-to-be, you want your bridal veil to be extra special and mesmerizing, you might like to embellish the veil yourself or work closely with a local tailor to get the custom designer bridal veil. While some pearls and appliqués will add pizzas to your bridal veil, using the right lace trim will add a wow factor to your veil.


Today, we will help you learn about lace trims and how to determine the length of DIY bridal veil trim when buying it.


How to Buy Lace Trims for Your Bridal Veil

When choosing lace trim for your bridal veil, first, you need to figure out whether you want to buy lace with the visible ground or lace with no visible ground. Do you know what these are? Let’s take a look.


Lace with Visible Ground vs. Lace with No Visible Ground

When creating laces, designers choose one of the two approaches. They either choose to embroider on a non-dissolvable ground material (like mesh, net, organza …) that remains visible after the final finishing process or design embroidery on a dissolvable fabric that is removed after completing the embroidery work (Venise lace). As a result, the latter one doesn’t have a visible ground.


Apart from these, there are also Cluny laces and crochet laces that are handcrafted using a small crochet hook and thread directly. 


Since the veil itself is usually made of tulle fabric or simply mesh or net fabric, bespoke wedding dress designers and DIYers like to add fancy lace trims to the edges to give the veil an eye-catching look. For a veil that’s made of tulle/mesh/net fabric that is see-through, You can choose from either group.


After you know which type of lace trim you want, you need to choose the design, color, and embroidery style that complement your overall bridal gown well and look amazing on the veil.


Once you find the perfect lace trim online from a reputable store, such as Amore Lace and Fabrics, you need to decide how much lace trim you need for the bridal veil.


How to Determine the Length of Your Bridal Veil’s Lace Trim

To determine the length of the veil lace trim, you must know the following three things:


  1. How wide your veil is (in inches)

While the fullest veils are made of 108” tulle, veils made from 54” wide material are also common.


  1. How long your veil is (in inches)

Though veils come in standard length, you must be sure of the length of your veil. For that, you need to hold the measuring tape from the place on your head where you will attach the veil to where you want the veil to fall. In case you will have a double-tier veil or trimmed blusher veil, then add the two lengths to find the length of our lace trim.


  1. How far along you want to add the trim on the veil’s edge

You may want to choose between a full-trimmed veil and a halfway trimmed veil.


While these factors will help you find the length of lace trim you need for the veil, we highly recommend buying lace trim with at least one or two yards more so that you have enough for experimentation and mistakes.
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