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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
5 Lace Appliques that Every Bridal & Wedding Dress Designer Must Have

5 Lace Appliques that Every Bridal & Wedding Dress Designer Must Have

When you are a bridal dress designer by profession, you face the challenge of making every wedding dress unique and pretty. Embellishments like bridal lace appliqués allow you to play with your creative ideas and experiment more to bring out the best wedding gowns to your store. Even if you are not a professional and you want to add a personal touch to your bridal dress, you will also find bridal lace appliqués very handy and useful.


So, to give wings to your ideas of making your bridal dress luxurious and awesome, we are enlisting some of the best bridal lace appliqués here for you.


  1. Butterfly Lace Appliques

For brides who are most fascinated by the beauty and vibrant appeal of butterflies, butterfly lace appliqués make the perfect option to decorate their wedding gowns. You can easily add these appliqués near the hems, bridal veils, the bodice area, or randomly at the flowing part under the waistline in a way that resembles the scenery where butterfliesmove freelyfromone flower to another or fly in the garden.To complete the look, you can also use floral Venise lace trims at the hem or waistline.


  1. Motif Embroidery Lace Appliques

Beautiful embroidered motif appliqués never fail to multiply the charm of bridal gowns when used as neckpieces. While many brides like plain necklines, most brides choose to wear gowns that are filled with creativity and floral design. So, if you can’t find something to make the neckline look good, a floral embroidery motif lace appliqué will surely help you accomplish that.


  1. Water Lily Floral Embroidery Collar Appliques

Are you wondering how to add that elegant touch to the collar of your bridal dress? If yes, buy a pair of water lily embroidery appliqué and attach the pair to both the left and right sides of the collar. Apart from the collar, you can also use embroidery appliqués on the edges of the sleeve to create a fantastic look.


  1. Embroidery Yoke Neckpiece Lace Appliques

Get a yoke neckpiece lace appliqué to make your wedding gown look jaw-dropping. Some appliqués are designed in a way that they can cover the entire neckline and has enough width to add fullness to that area. It’s the easiest way toachieve a professional designer look in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds. If you want to keep the front neckline plain, you can attach a yoke neckpiece appliqué on the backside for a designer appeal.


  1. Sexy Corset Venise Lace Applique with Ribbon

If you are looking for something sensual, a sexy lace appliqué with ribbon makes the best choice to decorate the corset of your bridal dress.Their addition makes the wedding dress hot while imparting a fascinating appeal to your dress.


At Amore Lace and Fabrics, you can find all these bridal lace appliquesthat will allow you to make your bridal dress look charismatic and make you look even more gorgeous. So, check out theofficial website now.













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