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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
What Are The Best Fabric Options For Wedding Veils?

What Are The Best Fabric Options For Wedding Veils?

Wedding veils are the next most important thing for a bride after the wedding dress. The wedding is an important day in an individual’s life. People try their best to make their wedding day special. They try to keep everything unique and high quality. Then how could a bride ignore the wedding veil for this special day? Like everything else, the wedding veil also needs to be perfect. The right wedding veil can complement your wedding dress in the best manner possible. It can add the wow factor to your entire wedding look. And a good wedding veil is not possible without a good fabric. 


There are a variety of fabric options that you can choose from to make your wedding veils perfect. Different fabrics come with different advantages that make them ideal for different brides. You can decide the fabric for your wedding veil based on the density, design, and texture of the material. You can easily buy fancy fabric online for your wedding veil. The following are some common fabrics used for wedding veils:

  • Organza 

Organza is basically made up of silk, synthetic polyester, or nylon fabric. It is semi-translucent in nature. If you wish to create a deep light effect then you can choose polyester fabric and the silk fabric is ideal for a deep tone effect. Organza can work well with any length requirement and you can use it for multiple layers as well. The standard width of Organza fabric is 60 inches. 

  • French Net

As the name suggests, the French net is a netting fabric. However, the holes in the French net fabric are slightly bigger. The fabric is quite stiff in nature which makes them ideal for creating any shape. It is commonly used for birdcage veils and is the best option if your wedding is themed vintage. 

  • Silk Tulle 

This incredibly soft material is quite difficult to handle which makes it a rarely used fabric for wedding veils. Silk Tulle can be made from French silk, Italian silk, or English silk. However, French silk is thinner and more fragile than the other two options. Whereas, the other two materials are heavier and ideal for decoration with beads and pearls. 

  • English Net

This translucent material is made from polyester nylon. English net is a popular choice for wedding veils as they are light to see and touch. It is quite heavier; hence, it should be used in a single layer only. The standard width available in the English net is 45 inches. 

  • Chiffon

You can find two types of Chiffon in the market based on the basic material used in making- Polly Chiffon and Silk Chiffon. Chiffon is usually a soft and lucid material but it is not translucent in nature; hence, it might need a few layers in making a wedding veil. 


You can consider your wedding dress, budget, and wedding theme to choose the fabric for your wedding veil. Search for the best fabric seller online and shop for your dream wedding veil. 

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