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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
Lace Fabrics: What Is It, Its Types, And Use

Lace Fabrics: What Is It, Its Types, And Use

In simple words, lace is a delicate fabric made of natural substances like wool, silk, viscose, and cotton. In the modern fashion world, it is available in both lightweight and heavy form. The weight of lace depends on its type and range.

There are many lace trim designs, including widely popular floral and botanical. When it comes to sewing a dress, lace can be the main clothing material or a decorating item.

Types Of Lace
A few years ago, lace was mostly used to prepare a wedding dress. But as the fashion keeps on changing, the material is being used more commonly than ever. From the main material to a finishing hem, it has gained a notable spot in the world’s fashion industry. Today, there are many types of lace trim used for different purposes.

Lyon lace: Prepared from cotton, it comes in complex patterns that make it a great material to sew wedding dresses.

Chantilly lace: A lightweight lace material, its weight can range from 30 g/m square to 180 g/m square. The lace type usually features attractive floral patterns which make it the perfect for decorating a bride’s dress.

Corded lace: The lace trim is usually outlined with soutache cord to get a volumetric effect. The lace’s weight can range between 45 g/m square to 185 g/m square.

Guipure lace: It’s a heavy lace with 70-400 g/m square weight. It features a raised design, which means it’s the perfect option to decorate casual or party dresses.

Lace appliqué: Popular as an openwork material, it is a great lace trim option if someone is planning to decorate their dress with lace.

Embroidered lace: As the name suggests, it features embroidery work that makes it a heavy lace with weight 100-550 g/m square. Although it’s a heavy-weight lace, it is extremely popular for decorating all kinds of dresses, including a wedding gown.

Uses of Lace:
In the modern fashion world, lace trim is extremely important material. It serves multiple advantages.
  • Lace features beautiful patterns that help make a dress more beautiful.
  • Lace comes in many choices to match with a dress or make a dress using it.
  • Lace is breathable.
  • Lace is easy to work with.
These are some features and properties of lace that help make it a great material to work with. Anyone can easily use it to give a stunning look to a dress.
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