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This website is NO LONGER ACTIVE for online orders. For inquiries, please text 213-447-2090.
How to Sew Neckline Lace Trim - An Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Sew Neckline Lace Trim - An Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Neckline lace trim can add grace to almost every clothing piece, including gowns, blouses, crop tops, t-shirts, etc. However, it can be complicated for many to sew neckline lace trims. To achieve flawless and stunning results, this skill requires a bit of patience and careful planning.

While the term “neckline lace trims” suggests that you can use these trims on necklines, you can also use them in other areas of any apparel, such as sleeves. Here, you will learn how to sew neckline lace trims.

What to Know Before You Sew Neckline Lace Trims

  • Look at the lace trim and identify the right side and the wrong side. Sometimes, there is no right or wrong side and in that case, you can choose any side. Mark it with a sticker or a pin so that you stay consistent throughout cutting and trimming.


  • Using a lace trim for the neckline means you need to consider the length according to the curve.


  • Keep sharp pins and needles that don’t catch or snag your lace. Otherwise, it will create poor finishing.


  • It is highly recommended to wash and prepare your fabric/garment and trim before you sew. It is important because both lace and fabric may shrink by different amounts. Cotton laces are more prone to significant shrinkage after washing.


  • Before sewing, test a scrap first to find out if the lace needs to be soaked and hand washed for starch removal or if it is better to sew it when it is stiff.


  • If you are using a neckline lace trim in white, ivory, or any other light color, make sure that your fabric is colorfast so that it doesn’t ruin the lace later.


How to Sew a Neckline Lace Trim on Any Dress

Before cutting the neckline lace trim, measure the length of the entire neckline with a tailor’s tape on its edge. Multiply the measured length by 0.9. The number you get is how long lace you will need for the neckline. Once you know the required length, then you can easily cut the lace trim without worrying about cutting the lace too short or too long.

If you want to start with a closed neckline where both shoulder seams are finished, you need to first sew the ends of the lace to create a circle. It is often better to sew the ends by hand, especially if the lace trim width is less.

Then, carefully pin or clip the lace trim to the neckline and then sew the trim with an elastic stitch. You can use an overlock machine for this or a regular sewing machine and some elastic stitch.

To prevent the lace trim from rolling inside, you can topstitch the whole neckline with an elastic stitch. First, iron the neckline and the lace trim carefully (iron them only if it is suitable and safe for their material). Press the seam allowances away from the lace i.e. towards the top or t-shirt whatever garment you are attaching the lace trim to. Then, topstitch about 3mm from the original seam with an elastic stitch.

That’s it. Your dress with beautiful neckline lace trim is ready now.




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